The Wheelchair Of Hope

Charity committee member Mike Payne visited Kenya to see how the Enki funded developments had influenced the region. On one particular day Mike met with our charity man on the ground, Joesph to take the 2 hour drive from Nakuru up into the hills to visit the Elmolo village near Lake Turkana. As they approached the village, Mike took the below picture which shows the houses people live in. The igloo shaped buildings are made of mud and topped with acacia branches. It’s a very primitive way of life in one of the hottest and harshest climates in the world.

The first home you can see in the photo contains a family with Dad, Mum and a little girl. The little girl is so handicapped that she could only crawl and therefore not able to make the long walk to school everyday. This is caused by the lack of clean drinking water which has meant her bones are so brittle from drinking the salty lake water that she can not stand or walk properly.

Unknown to her, Joseph had put a wheelchair on the roof of the 4×4 as a present for her. In the 3rd photo you can see the little girl in her new wheelchair. She is now able to make the trip to school each day where she can learn and develop in the hope of living a better life in the future.

A small gift that can provide much more than just a way of getting around. This little girl now has a chance to live a normal life. A normal life that is not in line with a normal life that most people associate with. I can go to the tap and be safe in the knowledge that I can get drinking water every time I turn the tap on. Imagine a world where this is not possible. Imagine a life where the simple human needs are a struggle to get.

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