The EnKI Fund

The EnKI Fund (The Education Kenya International Fund) is a registered charity, set up in 1997 to arrange the sponsorship of secondary school children and to help in the building of classrooms for primary school children.

The EnKI Fund aims to facilitate sustainable educational support by improving access to education for destitute children in rural areas in Kenya.  The organisation endeavours to give under-privileged, desperate children the opportunity to learn relevant skills and technologies to enhance their personal development.

The long-term development aim of EnKI is to improve the standard of living in the targeted regions through increasing literacy levels and self sustainability of the communities.  As levels of education increase, regions will become more self-sufficient and dynamic.  EnKI encourages educated children to re-invest their time and newly acquired skills in their local regions with a view to improving infrastructures and creating greater wealth and opportunities for the population in general.

In 1997 EnKI undertook research focusing on the following areas:

–          National and regional poverty and literacy levels

–          Levels of educational support by Central Government and Local Authorities

Critical findings included that of the 5.5 million (80%) of primary school age children, currently in education, less than 20% of them are able to progress to secondary schools, usually due to the lack of financial resources (Kenya Fact book, 15th Edition, Newspread International).  As a result, the majority of post-primary students have no chance of obtaining further education and are left to fend for themselves from the age of 12 years old.

The situation is even more critical in regions where drought, over-population and ethnic difficulties further diminish chances of personal and local development. Nakuru, Laikipia and Marsabit were targeted as regions where the situation was at a critical level and where the EnKI objectives were most relevant to helping communities create sustainable improvements in standards of living.

EnKI’s Achievements

In the target areas, the programme has improved the quality of, and access to, basic education for the poor.  Sponsored students have individually received uniforms, medical care and other necessities depending on their individual requirements.  This has been supported by the development of educational facilities and the supply of learning resource needs of targeted primary schools

Since 1997, EnKI has supported fifty children through secondary school education, thirty of whom are currently in tertiary education or in full time employment in their chosen fields.

Schools, such as Ronda and Mugumo Primary Schools, have benefited from EnKI’s programmes to improve physical infrastructures and human resources.  To date the programme has aided schools in:

–          Constructing 15 classrooms

–          Supplying over 100 desks

–          Supplying books, stationery, crockery etc

Thanks to the hard work of the charity and its friends, The EnKI Fund has raised over US$ 500,000 to date. 100% of which goes directly to the children and schools as EnKI is a voluntary organisation.

Click here to view some of the charity’s smiling faces: Smiles in the Slums

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