Posted by: Richard Bray | October 12, 2010

Day 7 – Final Day and Medal Ceremony

Day 7 – The final day.

After completing 248km of the race, all that there was left to do was run 2km around the pyramids in Cairo to the finish line. We jumped into the bus after clearing up the campsite and drove 2.5 hours back to Cairo. We jumped off the bus to the magnificent sight of the pyramids. Impressive in photos – even more impressive in real life. Unbelievable what the ancient Egyptians were capable of.

We gave the organisers a few minutes to see up for our arrival and then we set off bound for the finish line and into the arms of loved ones. Emma arrived the night before and was eagerly waiting for me at the finish.

My final result – 16th overall from 160 starters. I did it in a time of 36hrs 58mins.

Here are the final shots of the epic adventure.


  1. Hello…Just recd day 6 and 7 together.
    Congratulations Richard, a magnificent achievement 16th in your first attempt is unbelievable. You are one fit and determined guy and we take our hat off to you.
    Thanks for the blogs, everyone at Mobico has followed your daily progress with great intertest and we have all shared your pain.

    Corona and Steak ?

    Rich and Babz

  2. Well done ! Such a awesome inspiration following your journey through this race . 16 th must feel so great after all the hard work and training

  3. You have no rival to be The EnKI Champion, Richard.
    All of us thank you for linking your AMAZING achievement to our young boys and girls in Kenya, whose thanks will mean the most to you and to Emma.

    Mike (Payne) – Secretary of The EnKI Fund

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