Posted by: Richard Bray | October 12, 2010

Day 6 – Recovery Day

Day 6 was a recovery day for those who finished late on Day 5 and a catch up day for anyone still on the course trying to complete the mamouth 95 kms.

Luckily I managed to get some sleep after finishing early in the night on Day 5 and my legs were thankfully recovering well. I had little food left in my bag so it was going to be a long boring day in the sun tending to my broken feet and legs. We layed around in the tent until it got too hot to do so and then ventured out to the shade sails to watch the late comers finish their race. It’s inspiring to see the determination and grit these people have. Many are on the course for well over 24 hours. Mentally I can not comprehend what that would be like – knowing how many people have finished, had sleep and managed to eat in relative comfort. The late comers and walkers are the real inspiration in this race.

Here are a couple of photos from Day 6:

Chilling in the tent:

Breakfast time:

Cyber tent time – Where I wrote my daily email to Emma for the blog update:

A shot of one of my feet after 248km! Not too bad… the paper tape is covering more blisters and holding 2 toenails in place. I think I will lose 4 toe nails in total. Not as bad as some!

Comparative feet shot – one of my tent mates feet!! See how lucky I was now!

Sweeper Camels – the swept the course each day and did the full 250km too. This was them finishing around mid afternoon on the last day.


  1. Great photos – wow they really pack you guys in the tents !

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