Posted by: Richard Bray | October 4, 2010

Day 2 – Dune Day

After a ton of food and time to put my feet in the air, we hit the sack very early. I was flat out at 7pm – the earliest I have been to bed since I was a kid. It was needed though – the legs were sore and tired.

We woke jut after 4am to prepare for the long day ahead. I strapped my feet, and threw back as many calories as my stomach could handle… the freeze dried dinners and breakfasts are taking a toll. Race briefing started at 6am and we started the second day at 6:30 to try and avoid some of the heat.

I set off much faster today. I wanted to try and get the max number of km’s under my belt before the sun rose. We started fast and I kept with the top 10 competitors right to the first checkpoint which was 10km in. 10km of soft sand that is!! After filling the bottles at checkpoint 1 we set off again and this time the field started to spread out. I managed to stick with an aussie mate which made the section much easier. After flying into checkpoint 2 we topped up the bottles and forced down more salt and electrolyte caps before heading into the dunes. You have never seen a dune until you come here! The dunes are the size of mountains! Section 3 was tough. My quads started to cramp and I started to flag behind my running mates. I pushed on trying to run for 2 flags and walk for 2 flags. It was more of a scuffle as I tried to push through the cramp. About 2km before the 3rd checkpoint I decided to take an ibuprofen and ease the pain in my shoulders and legs. It worked!! By the time I hit checkpoint 3 I was in better spirits again despite loosing a few positions. I filled my bottles, downed more salt caps, put my ipod on and scuttled down another huge sand dune. I set a cracking pace across the flat and I was glad to be enjoying the run again. The sun was high in the sky and hit the last two dunes at pace. Of course the camp for the night was placed on top of the biggest dune in the valley!

Running up towards Day 2 Campsite. A very welcome sight

I finished in 15th place for the day and I am in much better spirits. My time today was just over 5hrs so I don’t know what that does to my accumulated position. It’s the toughest race / challenge I have ever embarked on and I have asked many questions over the last 2 days. I’m remaining humble till after the long day. Things can go very well to very badly on that day… all positions are open at this stage!

A big thanks to all my friends and family who have emailed me. It definitely lifts your spirits to read such warm, supportive messages.

Blister count – 2 and 1 blood blister under a toenail. So far I think I will only lose 2 toenails! Long way to go though!

Bye for now.


  1. Babe, i am so very proud of you. You are now in 22nd position overall. What an amazing achievement! I can’t wait to see you at the finish line xx

  2. Superb Richard…A great day in the sand ! We have no comprehension what this must be like you are one tough and determined guy.

    We wish you well for the longest day….R and B.

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