Posted by: Richard Bray | September 27, 2010

Final Post Before I Leave

Less than a week to go and I get a cold. Perfect timing! Exactly a week from the race start and I can’t even run to the end of the street without blowing my nose, how am I going to make 250km! I guess this is my body telling me I have overdone it and I need a rest. As soon as I start to taper, the cold starts to set in. Loads of vitamin C and something that is very difficult for me – Rest! Two days on the couch and I’m going stir crazy. I’m far from a couch potato and a week before the biggest race I have ever attempted I’m confined to the lounge! To say this makes me nervous is an understatement. I am showing signs of improvement and I’m hoping this rest stuff will help me recover in time.

I fly out on Thursday night as I have given myself a day in the hotel to prepare and do the final pack. I have been counting calories and grams and trying to figure out what to take. I’ve managed to get a 4.4 calories per 1 gram ratio which is not bad. Add my sleeping equipment on top and my bag is up to 9.5kg in total exlcuding water. I want to try and get this down to 8.5kg which is going to be a tough task. What to leave out, what to include, how much food & energy supplements will I need / want. Here’s a picture of our spare room which has been taken over for race preparation.


  1. Good luck!! hope you kick the cold before the start – I will be cheering you on from NZ

  2. Rich, we are all thinking of you and want to wish the the very very best of luck. We are looking forward to seeing photos and reading your blog so that we can try and picture some of what is happening in your world. Take care, love always from Steph, Leo, Alisha, Mum and Dad.

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