Posted by: Richard Bray | September 5, 2010

Heat Training in Bulgaria

Not long now… 4 weeks and counting.

Last weekend Emma and I decided to go to Europe so I can get some heat training done whilst she was able to get some sun action next to the pool.  It was a chance to try and assimilate the race conditions as best as possible. 5 days of heat and long sandy beaches. A great chance to try out all my kit too. With CWX compressions shorts, injinji socks and columbia trail shoes, Patagonia top, Raidlight backpack and Legionnaire hat and my new Oakleys (Courtesy of Emma) I was ready to try it all out in conditions that would truely test me. I actually enjoyed the heat. It was refreshing to get intense sun after being in the weak summer conditions in London.

I set off early each morning to get the 20 – 30km done on the beach. The first few km’s were great… no one was on the beach and the legs were feeling fresh and raring to go. As the sun rose, the tourists came out in force. You can imagine their faces when they lay out their beach towels and then looked up to see a skinny, chocolate coloured fulla running up the beach in very strange desert kit.

On the second day I decided to turn right and head up the beach instead of left up to the normal tourist area. After rounding the rocky peninsula I found a 4 km stretch of sandy beach. With the iPod in and my head down concentrating on my footing, I failed to take notice of my fellow beach goers. It wasn’t until I ran towards the water to get on some flat sand that I noticed an old guy standing butt naked looking at the ocean! I then looked around and found myself in the middle of a Bulgarian nudist beach! I needed to get the training done so I kept going. I looked at them with a strange look thinking what freaks and a lot of them were doing the same to me.

Here’s a couple of pics of my beach get up. Not on the nudist beach!!


  1. Wow, the stories that you will have to tell are amazing. I can feel a book coming on, Rich. Presentations will be a must so I hope you have space for a little camera somewhere.

    Not long to go now. All your hard work will pay off I am sure. Hang in there.


  2. Just found your blog – good luck with your up coming race , I will look forward to reading about the adventure .

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