Posted by: Richard Bray | August 8, 2010

Training and Nutrition Update

After weeks of balancing injuries with my heavy training schedule, I reached out for help. I got a referral to the Bowskil clinic where I saw a holistic health specialist Steve Bessant. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the initial 2 hour session where he asked me questions about my lifestyle, training, work, diet, sleep and pretty much everything else about my life but I must say I am impressed with the diagnosis. He performed tests to assess my strength, muscle length and overall health in light of the big race. The first test he got me to do was to stand on a set of scales – one scale under each foot. I had to remain balanced whilst he reviewed my weight. After a few moments Steve asked me “Do you feel balanced?” and I promptly replied “of course”. He then informed me I was 10kg heavier on my left side! Being 78kg in total weight, 10kg is a lot. After a few more tests he tells me my atlas (top part of the spine) is out of alignment which is causing my pelvis to be out of alignment and putting the balance of weight to my left side! Just one of the many things I have to get fixed.

Next up was my diet. I think I eat pretty healthily with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meat or fish. The occasional sugar item is hard to resist but overall I would say that I had a pretty balanced diet. Not so in the eyes of Steve. For the amount of stress I put on my body with work and training, it was time to get a lot more strict. I have now cut out all Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Sugar and of course Alcohol. It’s what some call “The Neanderthal Diet”. Simply put – if you can hunt it or gather it, you can eat it. Neanderthals certainly didn’t eat spaghetti bolognese or strawberry tarts! So it’s back to simple foods. Meat and 3 vege with no sauces and no accompaniments. Why you may ask… the body was not built for man made and altered food. Therefore when gluten and other man altered foods enter the blood stream, your body’s immune system runs around after it trying to clean up the after affects. That takes the focus of your immune system away from doing what it should do – healing muscles and fixing injuries. Surprisingly, two weeks after starting the diet, I am full of energy and all my injuries have healed up.

Also prescribed by Steve – a complete but focused stretching program. An exercise and strength program. A sleep program including brainwave music to aid deeper sleep. Last but not least, supplements. Here’s what I now have to take each day:

AdrenoMax- to help support your adrenals 3 capsules per day with food.
B-complex – replace B vitamins that get used under stress
Metagest – to help with digestion
Inflavonoid intensive care – control inflammation and improve recovery from sessions.
Ultra probioplex capsules- replace good bacteria in intestines to help immunity
Ultra Muscleze – magnesium base product to reduce tension in muscles.

So the countdown is on..8 weeks to go and the body is finally getting in shape for the big race. I completed 30km with 10kgs on the back yesterday and another 30km today. That brings up the 100km for the week. Onwards and upwards from here.



  1. Well done, Richard. Box on. All this puts our diets to shame – what are we doing to our bodies?
    Your progress is impressive and the Sahara looks achievable.

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