Posted by: Richard Bray | July 11, 2010

Kriotherapy – Time to Freeze

My injuries are really getting to me at the moment. They are preventing me from getting the KM’s done and I’m getting anxious with less than 3 months to go. So yesterday I took crazy approach to fixing my issues – Kriotherapy! Essentially involves getting into a chamber that has a temperature of -130 degrees celsius! Yip you read correctly – that’s 130 degrees below zero!

The extreme cold in the chamber triggers cold temperature receptors in the skin to send a ‘red alert’ signal to the brain, giving a ‘fight or flight’ response. Blood is then pumped round the body at an increased rate, and there is an increase in hormone production,the immune system is boosted, oxygen and nutrients are pumped around the body and your body releases adrenalin and endorphins!

Why – It helps to cure my running injuries by jump starting the immune system and pumping fresh blood to the problem areas resulting in analgesia (immediate pain relief) !!

Time in the chamber – 3 mins!!

My Kriotherapy outfit… noice eh!

Coming out of the chamber…

When you come out of the chamber you jump onto Vibration Gym plates for a stretching session. The aim is to work the muscles when they have increased blood flow to the problem zones enabling your body to naturally heal the pain points.

Fingers crossed it works…. I need to get back on the road!


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