Posted by: Richard Bray | June 12, 2010

More Injuries!

I increased my training in an attempt to break the through the fitness barriers. I need to raise my game to get my fitness to the next level. The increase includes at least one half marathon during the week (usually starting at 5:30am on a Wed morning) and then on Thurs I have found a hill in Richmond Park I have dubbed the “Hill of Justice”. I also do a long ride / run combo on a sat morning (60km bike, 20km run) and several other strength and cardio sessions during the week including a sweat vest run to raise the core temperature in an attempt to simulate a heat based run.

The hill of justice is my favourite! It’s approx 150mtrs long and it has a very steep gradient that increases as you reach the top half of the hill. I have set up a cross fit workout that includes hill sprints and strength work. Do one hill sprint and when you reach the top (and your lungs are burning) drop down and do 10 pressups then jog down the hill to do 10 burpee pressups. I have 30 mins to complete as many of those as possible. 10 is the goal!As it’s out at Richmond Park, I include a ride to and around the park making the total workout 2 hrs long. 5:30am starts to fit it in!

The increase in training has meant more strain on my body. Taking the most stress was my calf muscles which has strained my Achilies Tendon on my left leg. I’m out from running for a couple of weeks which means my training has become more strength oriented. Strangely, it does not satisfy me in the same way… looking forward to my first run back.

Love my taping… here’s what my Physio has done this time.


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