Posted by: Richard Bray | March 28, 2010

Lucozade Race Your Pace Half Marathon

5 weeks after completing the Brighton Beacon Half Marathon, it was time to step up to the start line again and attempt to beat the 90 min mark. Off the booze since the beginning of March and after a hard few weeks of running training with Bikram Yoga mixed in, it was time to test my speed and endurance.

The Lucozade Half was put on at the Eton College Rowing venue and consisted of 4 laps of the lake. Nice and flat and very boring. With 2 of my friends pulling out, it was left to me  to drive down in the mild temperature and complete the training run just two weeks out from the Paris Marathon. Luckily my supportive girlfriend was on hand to feed and take care of me as well as take a few happy snaps.

1000 entrants split into two groups. Performers and Improvers. I joined the Performers group (roughly 1/3 of the total field) where pacers held yellow flags with their estimated mile pace. I joined the 6.5min per mile group and thought I would hang on as long as possible. We started fast… very fast. We were averaging 6min miles for the first 3miles and I ended up completing the first 10km in 39mins. My fastest 10km since high school! I steadied my pace, actually my pace steadied me and by the 3rd lap I was hurting from my fast start. I kept pushing and held on to complete the course in a total time of 1:27:23. Not bad for a weekend warrior with a reconstructed knee. About 1 min off my Personal Best. The missus counted out my place at 45 which I was pretty happy at.

Next stop – Paris Marathon. 2 weeks to go. Time to taper


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