Posted by: Richard Bray | March 7, 2010

Endurance training run – 5 Weeks till Paris

5 Weeks till the Paris Marathon and I’m trying hard to keep my head in the game. I battled the demons last week and struggled to get my time down under 5mins per KM. This week I pounded the pavement on my own to try and fight the demons by myself.  Just me,  my new garmin watch, my music and a plan to complete 35km faster than I had done the previous week. The roads around London can be a tough place when you are challenging the watch and your mind. Cars, traffic lights, slow walking pedestrians – it makes it more like an obstacle course in the smog! At least there won’t be day dreaming shoppers to weave in and out of in the desert!

I completed the run in a solid time of just over 2:41 hrs.  That’s an average of 4:46min per km. Better than last week but not fast enough. To achieve my desired marathon time I need to be averaging a time in the 4:30’s!  A few more weeks training and the excitement of racing in Paris will hopefully pull this time down. Off the booze now till after the marathon – a scary prospect but the detox is necessary.  Here’s the route and stats from my run yesterday.

Wimbledon running route


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