Posted by: Richard Bray | February 21, 2010

Sussex Beacon Half Marathon – Brighton

Sunday 21st February and I was hoping for a nice sunny morning on the waterfront at Brighton – I was fresh out of luck. After a big night on the Friday with a few work colleagues, I spent Saturday trying to repair my system ahead of the race. It was only going to be a training run but, a half marathon is not what you want with a hangover. The english weather turned it up a notch too and the 0 deg temperatures with rain and winds made for a challenging day. This shot was taken pre-race with a couple of friends who turned up for the event also.  I was not keen to take off the Hoodie and I had another 3 layers on underneath too.

The start was as hectic as most street races and the turns through the town made it more challening to weave out your own path. Once on the waterfront I got into my so called rhythm. The wind and rain made it tough to find a good pace and with my weight at the lowest it’s been since high school, I was getting knocked around by the winds constantly.  After the 15km mark I started to feel better and picked up the pace… it was too late though, a good half marathon time was out of reach already. I ended up finishing with a time of 91 mins… not too bad considering my hangover from Friday and the weather. I was pleased to get the survival blanket to wrap round the shoulders… I suffered all day trying to get my temperature back up to normal. I was even more humbled with my performance when I heard the winner completed the course in 66 mins!!

Next race is the Lucozade Half Marathon in Eton on the 28th March. Aiming for sub 90mins this time!


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