Posted by: Richard Bray | December 1, 2009


Throughout the end of 2009, injuries hampered my training and even worse – it demotivated me which lead to my training slipping off.

I went to see my physio about a sore hamstring and when he compared my legs he was shocked to see the amount of swelling around my inner thigh. Surprisingly it was my adductor that was aggrevated and swollen causing me a lot of pain when I was running. Thankfully it was quickly treatable. My physio decided to try out what I dubbed the “Octopus Strap”. The technical term is Kinesio tape and it was put in place to help reduce the swelling and provide support to the area. I took a picture so you can all see how weird it looks!

A couple of weeks later and I’m pleased to say that it has worked. No more pain. Now I just need to figure out how to release my right Illiotibial band.  My massuer knows how but the hour of pain is almost unbearable. Time to be more preventative and maybe do a few stretches.., it’s a bit of a foreign concept to me and my inflexible body.


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