Posted by: Richard Bray | September 28, 2009

Let The Journey Begin

So, this is what a blog is! My first blog and it ties in nicely with an upcoming race I’m about to embark on – Racing The Planet’s Sahara Race ( ) 240 km in 6 days across the Sahara Desert finishing in Egypt. It’s the 28th of September 2009 and I have just over a year till the race start date – perfect time to kick start the real training.

Following a knee reconstruction in early 2008, I had a year off running concentrating on building strength and cross training to get my knee back to a stable position allowing me to continue running. During 2008 I also moved from the sunny shores of Sydney to the not so sunny shores of London for work. With the change of scenery and my newly strengthened knee, I was able to start running and racing at the beginning of 2009.

My times were far from my best but, it was great to feel the endorphin release again and get back into competitive racing. Throughout 2009 I have completed the 3 Peaks challenge in 21 hours, Oxfam Trailwalker in under 15hrs and our team came in 19th out of the 500 teams competing. I have also completed a scattering of races such as the Merrell Iceman challenge (5th overall) and the London Duathlon.

For the next year, I will be training, strengthening and competing in lead up races to help with the preparation for the real race. On the list of races to do:

  1. Grim Challenge
  2. Tough Guy Challenge
  3. The Coastal Trail Series
  4. Paris Marathon
  5. Swiss Alpine Trail Marathon

So here starts the race to the Sahara. A long, hard road with work hurdles, personal hurdles and injury hurdles all set to play a part. My new Sanyo Xacti has been ordered and my video diary will be starting soon. I’m reading regularly (latest great read – Brain Training for Runners by Matt Fitzgerald) and my training is irregular. Time to get serious. Time to cut back on the social life, start eating and sleeping more and get a more rigorous training regime.

1st of October 2009 – the real training begins!


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